MK2 Termination Pillar

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Capability: Designed for up to 50mm cable and a maximum of 240Amps
Overall size: 890mm x 417mm x 345mm
Weight: 16kg
Current: A/C 50hz
Earthing: Designed for direct earthing
Maximum voltage: 415/240Volt
Cover: Green polyethylene lift off cover (465mm x 417mm x 345mm)
Ventilation: Single vent on top of hood
Frame: 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel frame
Switch panel: 250mm x 350mm x 6mm
Studs: 4 x ½” studs each with 2 brass nuts, 2 x ½” washers, 1 x spring washer, 1 x flat washer & M.E.N Point included on one stud.
Lockable: Suits power industry padlock (padlock not supplied)
Meets Australian Standards: AS/NZS3439.1

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